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Controlling access to your property and business is something not to take lightly. Whether it’s a single door installation on a local bakery or an enterprise level installation at the local hospital, ADH has a solution for any type of application. From unlocking your doors with key fobs, silicone wristband, or even your phone – to monitoring the status of your door from your phone. 24 hour intrusion detection and monitoring is also made possible through the same system used to control access to your facility, no matter the size. 



Small-Medium Businesses



We offer sales, service, and installation for your automatic door needs. Have an existing door that doesn’t work properly? We can fix it. Have an existing automatic door that you are constantly having to repair? We can replace it. Have some manual doors and are ready to make the move to an automatic entry? We can remove the old one and install an automatic door.



Looking for something new for your business? Or does your existing storefront have the “tired” look? We can install a new storefront – either replacing with the same style – or a new design. Just give us a call.


We service a large variety of doors & hardware for repair or install needs. If it’s not something we have in stock, we are able to locate most parts and can handle the service needs.


Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

We provide sales, service and/or installation of manual doors and frames. We carry Republic brand for new/replacement doors and frames but can access other brands as well. If your door is beyond hope, we can replace it for you. Or if you need to add an opening on a wall, we can add a door and frame for your needs.

Video Surveillance


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